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We're monitoring Jade Helm 15 July 15, 2015 to September 15, 2015
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Jade Helm
JH 15
First Casualty of Jade Helm 15

    An Army Veteran working as a Photo/Journalist with a
worldwide publication, was fired for his reports on Jade Helm 15. 
    To read his article in it's entirety click here:
Green Mountain Boys Militia
Jade Helm 15
July 15 to Sept 15, 2015
Jade Helm 15 Internment Camps, FEMA Camps, and Red Cross Shelters

Internment Camps - Camps are highly segregated and include people that could be enemies or coconspirators of enemies of the state. These are military detention centers with high security. Not only to keep people in but to keep people out or to prevent breaking people out.

A massive terrorist attack by radical Islam resulting in great loss of life may result in Muslim incarceration in Internment camps for safety and security reasons. There is currently 3,500,000 Muslim in the USA with about 250,000 radical Islam.

Islam and Reverend Farrakhan “church of Islam” are separate. Farrakhan is radical Islam in their belief and so is ISIS, IS and Al Quada which are radical independent beliefs and followings. 

Rightwing radicals, Radicals, Patriot Groups and hate groups may also be detained in detention centers for the safety of the public and law enforcement. Strict Marshall Law (curfews) and Shelter in Place orders may be enforced.

FEMA Camps – In general are for people displaced by a disaster or terrorist attack in need of shelter, food and water. Searches are generally conducted before entrance is allowed to prevent contraband such as guns, knives etc. Medical supplies, food and water may be confiscated to distribute to people in need in the facility. Strict guidelines are in place to prevent entering and exiting the facility at will.

Red Cross Shelters – Are usually set up at schools and therefore have strict guidelines for state laws governing school property. Firearms and weapons of any kind will not be allowed.

Laws are still enforced by local, state and federal law enforcement. Concealed weapons such as guns and knives in back packs might result in arrests and fines up to $900. Fines are usually waived if you allow confiscation of the weapon or weapons.

Army Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria, a USASOC (U.S. Army Special Operations Command) Spokesman has confirmed that a military training exercise called Jade Helm 15 is scheduled to take place July 15 to September 15, 2015.

Jade Helm 15 is a massive Field Training Exercise (FTX) to enhance the SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) capabilities of American special operations troops.

Jade Helm 15 will take place in Mississippi, Florida, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, California and Nevada. Colorado has dropped out of the training.

Military Jargon
In the hostile area of Texas, there will be a JOAX event and a CRF event. This is the starting point of the exercise.
JOAX (Joint Operation Access Exercise): This is where the 82nd Airborne Division will parachute into “hostile territory.”
CRF (Crisis Response Force): This is typically a force that is made up of different units put together to handle a given scenario.
MSOT (Marine Special Operations Team):  The Marines have several special warfare units that fall under this acronym. The best known of these units is Force Recon.
NSWTU (Naval Special Warfare Training Unit): This is a unit dedicated to making SEALs better. There is the possibility that this is in reference to Naval Special Warfare Task Units, which are subgroups of a SEAL Team. This seems highly unlikely given the massive size of the operation.
ODA (Operational Detachment Alpha): These are Green Berets. This is otherwise known as an “A-Team.” Sometimes identified as SFOD-A
ODG (unidentified): ODG is so far unidentified, but sources state that it is most likely a designation for another type of Green Beret unit. What most people commonly call “Delta Force” is actually titled Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta (SFOD-D or simply ODD).
If this was an actual operation, the acronym would have been ST-6, ST-4, or something similar (Seal Team Six, Seal Team Four).
LSE (Logistical Support Element): These are the men and women that handle the logistics of an operation.

Escape and Evasion may include local, state and federal law enforcement and the use of Special Forces using private land, cities, roadways, highways, waterways, trails, parks, civilian vehicles, railroads, and civilian airports and aircraft.

Marshall Law would have to include all or most of the following training none of which is being conducted in jade Helm 15, but is being conducted by other military exercises worldwide.

Trends and challenges, propaganda, Organizing effective forces and patrols, Detention and jail Administartion, Riot Baton 36" techniques for riot containment, police raids, dealing with gasoline and explosive devices, brick and rock fighting, dealing with the sniper, military counter-riot tactics, employing nonlethal agents, US Army chemical agents, chemical projectiles and generators, working with smoke, individual equipment, controlling with batons, firearms and weapons, new ways with sound, Looting,  special vehicles and equipment, shields, hand to hand combat, training plans and programs including crises actors.

Drones and unmanned aerial surveillance, GPS, wireless communication, Spectrum Warfare (acoustical warfare, urban warfare, psychological warfare, electronic warfare, cyber warfare is now classified as Spectrum Warfare), Ultra Sound, GEO caching, Shelter in Place, Urban Warfare, Online Surveillances, Social Media, Satellite Communication,

Jade Helm
JH 15
Phoenix Militia
Phoenix Militia